History has always been my first love. I thought when I grew up that I would be a history teacher. My high school history teacher once wrote that she believed that I would make a valuable contribution to knowledge about the Civil War. It didn’t quite work out that way. As we all know, that tv series ended up being done by Mr. Burns (hats off to you, Ken). But as events unfolded, I have been involved in a number of history projects (some of them dealing with other belligerent events) that will will find listed below.

Several projects listed under Science and Technology could just as easily be classified as history. I still receive inquiries from teachers, universities, and libraries about some of my work in this field – all wanting an updated version of one program or another (regretfully, all those distribution rights have either expired or belong to others). So I suppose, in a way, I got to be that history teacher.

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