Fighting Terrorism

Compelling…striking…fascinating…Verisimilitude gets a new meaning here… Fighting Terrorism – Blaine Baggett is executive producer – is a primer on high-level strategy. The world does not go to war, but it seems to be a close call. – New York Times


Fighting Terrorism: A National Security View documented a Center for Strategic and International Studies ‘war-game’ held in Washington, DC. The scenario was a White House response to a terrorist attached involving nuclear material. Participants included former CIA Directors Richard helms and James Woolsey, former National Security Advisers Bud McGarland and Brent Scowcroft, former chair of the Join Chiefs Admiral Thomas Moorer, and journalist Daniel Schorr playing the role of White House press secretary.

This one-hour documentary was a coproduction of Jay LaMonica Productions and KCET/Los Angeles and was broadcast nationally on PBS in September 1986.

Blaine Baggett: KCET Executive Producer