Secret Intelligence

Thoughtful, bold and provocative…undoubtedly will shock and perhaps anger … a broad, blunt and expertly presented survey on the uneasy coexistence of secrecy and openness in America.  –  Los Angeles Times

Packed with information about America’s career in the spy game….This history demonstrates that the most effective restraint on the cloak-and-dagger set is public information, to which Secret Intelligence makes a commendable contribution.  –  New York Times


Chicago International Film Festival – Gold Award

Houston International Film Festival – Gold Star Award

International Film and Television Festival of New York – Silver Award

Writer’s Guild of America  –  Outstanding Script for Television Documentary 

Secret Intelligence remains the only ever U.S. nationally produced and broadcast documentary series to critically examine America’s secret intelligence services. This four-hour series, featuring six former CIA Directors, was broadcast on PBS in 1989.  A production of KCET/Los Angeles.A companion book, by Ernest Volkman and Blaine Baggett, was published by Doubleday books.

Blaine Baggett: Executive Producer and Series Co-Writer

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